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Carlisle vs Bristol C 21-04-2007

Millwall vs Bristol C 28-04-2007

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Nottingham Forest

Nottm Forest vs Bournemouth 21-04-2007

Leyton Orient vs Nottm Forest 28-04-2007

Nottm Forest vs Crewe 05-05-2007

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Don't think it will happen next week as Bournemouth would have to beat Forest to give us even a chance of doing it on Saturday. Also we'd need Blackpool to draw, which isn't exactly impossible though.

Today was a double edged sword. Delighted to get the win today, score a couple of goals, and even have a couple disallowed (whether they should have been or not I'm not one to say as I haven't seen them. We got back on track and gave ourselves genuine reason to belive again.

However Forest's comeback may just give them the lift to push us all the way and make sure we don't slip up in our next three games. We can only wait and see. Have to say given the position we were in at half time I'm just a little disappointed with how the day ended, but the absolute most important thing for us today was to get three points and we did that and did it well.

We're in a position where one win would probably be enough, and two wouild do it definitely. The ball is still very much in our court, and that's the way I like it!

One win and two defeats would leave Blackpool needing 9 points and Forest needing 7 to take it to goal difference. We're more than capable of picking up more than 3 points from the next 3 games though so let's do it off our own backs!

Now onto Brunton Park for hopefully another crucial three points and take us almost to the threshold.

Come on you reds!

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