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It seems to me that we are benefiting from a good sense of humour within the City camp.

Johnson's comments on the radio regularly make me chuckle. He claimed last week that the tackle on the Swansea player was a clean one and he was surprised to be sent off. This week he says that none of the players were about to argue with Bradders about taking the penalty in case he headbutted them!

And Bradley claims that he saw the gap between keepers arm and body and went for it.

OK, it's not Roy Chubby Checker or Bill Bailey but it does indicate a good spirit.

Are we laughing ourselves towards promotion?

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Not to mention World interviews.

After the Yeovil game Latham asked GJ something about why he chose to go with only 1 striker when we have been shy of goals recently and GJ replied in song: "I don't know what I'm doing!"


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