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Highlight Of The Season?

Guest Ron

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Match: Bristol City 2-2 Middlesbrough

Reason: With City 2-0 down at half-time, I shouted to Robins72 & GreenUn behind me that "If we get one back, we'll be as good as Chelsea!" after they lost 2-1 at the Riverside in August. Sitting next to me during the game was a chinese man I had never seen before at AG, who may have been there for Boro - he rarely spoke, and when he did, shouting at the pitch, he never mentioned any player names. When Keogh stuck his header away, I turned round and shouted "WE'RE AS GOOD AS CHELSEA!". After this it wasn't really mentioned, I totally forgot about it, until when Murray scored the wonder goal, when the Chinese man turned to me, and shouted "We are better than Chelsea!", the funniest thing I've heard at Ashton Gate.

Had to be there though :ph34r:

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