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Itv's The Championship


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Did you get any joy with this mate? I missed it as well.

Me too as stayed over and didn't get back in time

But just seen highlights on World and whilst very jerky was great to see goals again - there were just as good as first thought!

We were trying to remember why McCombe was up in the box - from watching again he makes an amazing run from well outside the box - fair play I guess he was over stomach bug by then

All good stuff and worth the hangover today!!

Onwards and upwards :fingerscrossed:

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Can some one please get ITV's 'The Championship' on here for me please. I am working nights this weekend and will miss it this morning 10:30ish.

I will be getting up from bed around 14:00hrs this afternoon.

Many thanks in advance

I've have Sky+'d it but have no idea how to get it on here. Will gladly put it on if anyone can help?

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