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No City Players In League One Team


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Sod em, no body seems to tip us for promotion, none of our players get PFA aknowledgement.

Two fingers to everyone if you ask me.

As a side note, at least it keeps the scouts away from wondering who McCombe & Basso are...

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not sure lockwood at left back but does get a few goals,

otherwise think it is about right, personally think some people are being very biased on here, still all about views

personally think majority of the players in the team would be good enough additions for our team right now

Murphy - Quality Young Keeper

Osterber - still surpised he is at Crewe, very good right back

Lockwood - not a fan but does weigh in with a few goals

Breckin - Solid Centre Half that we have been linked with in the past

Skiverton - great centre half - another player that I'm suprised has been at Yeovil for so long, key reason behind yeovil's climb from non-league

Wes Hoolahan - quality winger, would like to sign him

Wellens - another player I would like to see at City - quality alround centre midfielder

Jarvis - Quality - No other comment needed

Shuker - surpised Barnsley let him go, decent winger who we have looked at in the past


Billy Sharp - not bad I suppose, but doesn't get enough goals...........

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To be fair its voted by the players and not the fans and if I recall the votes are in by Christmas so not really a full picture of the way a player plays over a season. A little disappointed to see no city players then but who cares the ones that think the most of them are us fans and thats all that matters to me. They are all winners in my book. :goingup:

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They are all winners in my book

Well actually you have a point there, I'm willing to bet the City players in total got more votes that the sum of all players at other clubs. It could just be because no one player has been outstanding that none made it into the PFA team.

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So he was good in one or two games?

No mroe so than Bradly Orr not that I would have had him in their either. Ask Crewe fans how much they rate him then you will see why I think he should nto be in ther.

Sorry to be pedantic but I thought he was good, so do the other L1 players.

Looks like the Crewe fans are at odds with his attitude rather than ability.

PS. Who would you choose in that position ?

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Well there you go then doggers I am right again eh? :innocent06:

You are always right! I've long since surrendered to your superior knowledge. :surrender:

Do you know how the voting for this actually works? Are the players asked to name just one player or do they each name a team?

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