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Johnson Playing His Cards Right

Port Said Red

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Looking at the quotes coming out of the club I think Johnson has been pitching it just about right.

Often the reason teams fall at final hurdles is the "must win" mentality that creeps into the squad. Players make errors, shirk responsibility and so on.

Johnson's comments, that we need to focus on Millwall is obviously correct, but he has the luxury of being able to put the thoughts into the players minds that it is not a "must win" with the Rotherham game at home available. Not to distract them but to relax them and get the best performance from them.

It is a balancing act of course, but Johnson has excellent experience in the pressure situations with Yeovil, and I believe that he will know just how to make the right kind of statements to the players to ensure the right spirit prevails.

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I think this is one of Gary's strengths, his PR skills are excellent. He seems to give an honest interview, be able to show passion, commitment and humour as well as being professional throughout. He gives enough away without revealing too much.

He really must be feeling like we all do now, so near and yet so far. What he says and does in the dressing room who knows, that seems to stay behind closed doors, as it should.

I think back and although our past 2 managers had their strengths and weaknesses, I think we have progressed so much as a club, not purely on the field, with Gary here.


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Yeh, your right, i think GJ's PR skills are top notch. He gets his comments spot on. I think thats the message he had to give the players, relieve the pressure a bit as BCFC arent known for withstanding pressure in big games as we all know. Just hope we wrap it up tommorow and then we can celebrate next saturday infront of a packed Gate!

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