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Sorry to invade Boys & Girls

Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow, it's about time Bristol had a team in the Championship or whatever it is called these days

So Good luck and by the way thanks for Phillips whatever you may think of him he has been top notch for us this season

Yea thanks mate, i would wish you lot good luck against swindon tommorow but that is just another step towards the playoffs for you lot what i just cant bear to see

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:city: Sorry, but theres no way that I can wish Rovers luck, as if they go to wembley as well as the millenium stadium in one season I will never be able to forget it,as my rovers mates won't let me !

What even if they were to lose both? would be halarious and not that hard to take the high ground when partaking in a little banter with our inbred friends from across the river.

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