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Play Off's


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You lot say don't panic well i am, cant handle play off's again wer'e bl@@dy jinxed there !!! have we ever won a play off final ?? thought we would walk it today at millwall and i feel same about rotherham so hope I'm writing this for nothing!!! hand of god does;nt seem 2 be on our side at mo HELPPPPPPP don't throw it away as we have done in the past plzzzzzzzz we deserve 2 go up, no moaning at me please I'm just worried PAPA

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I suggest you log off this forum right now, have a few drinks, then when you come back tomorrow you'll be full of optimism! I'm confident we won't be visiting the new wembley just yet.

I'm going to new Wembley..to see Muse in June

Once this year is quite enough for me

To all the moaners, I was so worked up by the end today, shouting and swearing getting all worked up, luckily my dad who is the epitome of calm and coolness said calm down Ben, keep the faith we will go up.

I have calmed down, and I am keeping the faith.

Perhaps today in the back of the players minds was that "we always have next week", I am confiden this team aren't bottlers.

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If we had won today but lost last week at Carlisle everybody would be saying we are going up now And yet NOTHING would actualy be different.

We will score early v Rotherham, the pressure will then disappear and there wil be about 75 minutes of champagne football.

It's exciting for Blackpool & Forest but, hell, you wouldn't swap with them would you?

Blackpool have to go to Swansea - not easy

Forest will murder Crewe but find it's not enough.

I for one, am not afraid of Rotherham

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