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19500 Shouts On Sat 'earn Your Wages'


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Ideas,Strength,Guile and win attitude was missing at Millwall. I could name a few but Wilson and Betsy Oh my God. I am beside myself why motivation was missing. Bad enough to find out key player missing because of training!

Forget 90 minutes every minute will be agony on Saturday vs Rotherham. Final message to the team whoever is given the responsibility ' you are playing a team that has already failed in this division' Please make sure 'mind set ' is right before before you show how superior you are to them.

Final message you win nothing for pretty football and slow build ups. You only get rewards and support for hitting the back of Rotherhams net. 6-4 score will do if it means you are not defending the whole game!

The enevitable has happened there are no more chances to further you careers this weekend so we need more from you Mr Johnson before you send them out to battle.


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