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Why is the local media largely so biased towards Rovers?

I think I'm a pretty level headed, sensible sort, but the stuff I see and read defies belief.

Todays' whitewash of what happened at The Mem on Saturday is a regular event from the Evening Post (which is a complete joke), but it isn't only them.

I missed the goals on Sunday morning so caught HTV's local news, only to be told by the presenter about Rovers' "amazing" fans, who quite amazingly turned up for a must win local derby. Nothing too amazing about that to me, especially in light of their many sub 5000 crowds recently.

Nathan Jones the so called City journalist on the Post said something remarkably similar when he appeared to imply Rovers win over us was down to their "amazing" never criticising support as opposed to us, of course, whilst the radio commentary of the JPT game (I didn't hear it I was at the match) from John Ward and Twentyman was, according to mates, cringeworthy in its' bias, one sample comment from Ward, "these last five minutes are taking an age, I've looked at my watch twice as I think it has stopped".

Why is it? Why do the local media portray this family club myth stuff so uncritically? Is it as my late Grandad always insisted, some sort of anti South Bristol bias?

I'm at a loss but it certainly exists. As someone else says, over to you.

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