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Calm & Cool


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After Saturday I was thinking weve bloody had it - yet another c**k up and weve arsed it up again - BUT

Yes the pressure will be on but hasnt it been for over a month now and weve responded very well - after all this situation could have arisen a few weeks ago. We have one match with a full house to claim a place is dreamland.

From my own experience playing in a match where winning is all that counts it is imperative that we ALL remain calm from the players to the fans. If the minutes tick by we just need to keep believing and having faith, no need to rush like mad men on a cavalier charge forward, play the ball round, tire the opposition out, and everyone but eveyone must believe that Saturday WILL be our day.

With the hopeful inclusion of Carey as a calming influence I see no reason at all why we shouldnt go on and after a hard fought game - because it wont be a stroll in the park - win by a couple of goals.

But everyone has to remember that we aint there yet - people got carried away before Millwall, now theres another post about money and transfers for the championship. Forget all that and simply concentrate on a positive support and ensuring we deny Forest & Blackpool and take our place up the league next year.

Remain calm, focused and positive and we will succeed. :innocent06:

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