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Is There Anyway Of Getting Radio Bristol Through Satellite Tv?


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subscribe to BCFC World. about 40 quid a yr... top it up with a digital radio... sorted.

Aye, if I subscribe to BCFC World again (my subscription ran out this week and I'm a bit skint!) can I get it onto a digital radio? Would be very useful for next season.

At this point I think I'll pay for one months subscription for the Rotherham game and then get the yearly subscription in August.

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My subscription to world was never cancelled at the end of last season so i have managed to go through this season paying £3 a month as i only signed up with one of the promotional offers. Does anyone know if they will be having the full coverage on their FM or MW flavour station at the weekend?? I have a mate who is actually a Reading supporter but i took him to about 5 games this season at AG and he is hooked on BCFC now as he has had to move away from Reading. However, he cant get a ticket and really wants to listen :sign09:

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As I understand it local radio is just that local and not supposed to be received outside that area, the same goes for digital. I can just about get it when I'm in North Devon on AM, You can get it on Cable/Virgin in this area. So outside the Bristol / Somerset Sound area there's only the internet.

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:ph34r: If you have access to internet go to radio bristol website and listen live ????


I didn't think they had internet broadcast rights for league games, I know they couldn't cover the JPT, so you just get build up and then reaction.

I could well be wrong on this; as has been said we need the broadcast media guru that is NTTDS :cool2: to clear this up definitively.

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just to say thank you for your kind thoughts

reference the internet coverage.

I always notice there are a few comments/complaints about not being able to receive

the internet coverage

Telewest in this next of the woods allows customers to receive

both Radio Bristol and Radio Gloucester

Thing is with Radio Gloucester on saturday afternoons.

Is that FM has footy MW has music

Not sure what radio gloucester broadcasts on the cable network on

saturday afternoons

FAO Royz

I had to listen to doncaster coverage v City up on top

of lantern hill

Not a bad signal on MW

maybe in time, BBC will broadcast all its 43 local stations on either the

Sky or Cable platform

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Sorry to ask again but does anybody know know that on a standard radio if the City game is being broadcast on FM or MW, have tried their listings but to no avail. I know my mate listened to the Millwall game on MW..........Any ideas anyone?

Have also tried the contact us section on their website so that others can have a definitive answer to what is without a doubt the biggest game in ages!!!!

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