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First Chance-gone Second Chance-on Saturday


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C'mon Bristol not many teams have THREE chances to secure promotion. We knew some time ago we had no regular strikers and Mr Johnson has had to change team formation to try and scrape a goal or two. :badmood:

I am afraid that too many good strikers await us in the playoffs where only goals matter should we fail again on Saturday! I notice the Nottingham Captain has been on to his old club Rotherham 'Geeing'up the players for a favour. :redcard:

I am praying City run them off their feet as we will have no rest until the ball is in the back of their net (It is going to be hot not only due to the weather at Ashton gate) :drunk2:

My concern is that we have this slow build up in our football again and we do not get enough shots at goal because our opposition gets time to track back. It is unbelievable the number of people who support City I have met this week and they are in a state 'withheld concern' with a sickness in the stomach and very quiet about Saturday?

Good luck to the players chosen to change history for Bristol City on Saturday because your supporters want the best game of your life. 19200 supporters will be witness to your efforts. :goingup:


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