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Jmw Or Betsy


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who would you pick for saturday against rotherham:

JMW: who isnt scared to take on a player but on the bad side dosent know

when to play the right pass.

Betsy: to scared to skin a player but knows the right time to pass.

i myself would personally pick Jmw as i feel we need a lot of pace coming down the wings for saturday if we are going to get the goals we need !

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Betsy. McAllister as left wing in a game we have to win? Surely that's a defensive tactic?

Hardly, we all know McAllister can deliver a quality cross and has a good shot on him. Comapred to Betsy who can only pass backwards and has a tendency to send the ball high into the stands.

Fontaine can then go left back. Although this depends on whether Carey is fit or not.

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