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When Saturday Comes

Guest DanC

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Guest DanC

Us, All of us as fans' of this great football club all need to com together and be as one. However old however young we all need to give 100% support from the time the turnstiles open and spur the club onto promotion in the same manner Liverpool fans' spurred there club to the Champions League final.

Lets all make an exception on Saturday, Lets get there early and have that extra pre match pint in your favorite boozer, Lets all pack the ground out well before kick off and create an excellent pre match atmosphere whilst the players our warming up, And if your one of those that isn't Kean on singing for 90 Min's then please just make an exception for this game, YOUR support could make the difference. Forget about all that match analysis, Just for this one game concentrate on supporting the team.

Forget about all the moaning if things are not going our way, Leave that until after the game if need be. Just support and encourage the team throughout the whole 90 mins, We can be the 12th man without a doubt. We can be the difference between automatic promotion or the lottery of the play offs. However nice Wembley is I don't fancy going there twice in a week.

If any of our players are having a bad game then lets all try and encourage that particular player instead of getting on there backs.

We all expect the team to deliver on Sat but it's kinda unfair if the team deliver and we as supporters don't.

For the time being forget the Millwall fiasco, Forget the lack of fire power upfront, Forget every other game we have played this season, Discuss all that after. Just concentrate fully on this game. The Championship is 90 minutes away if we as fans' want it as bad as we say we do. Now is the time to prove how much we want it.

So C'mon PLAY THE 12th MAN!

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...And ignore other scores from Forest and Blackpool, it doesn't matter how they are doing as it's in our own hands.

This is what lm worried about!! People hearing filtered results and it knocking our support.

If we can get an early goal, l'm hoping it will knock Forest off a bit cus know wonder Smalderwood will be getting updates.

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