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Good luck lads and at 4.55pm on saturday we will replace leeds in the championship.


Isn't it funny how everyone notices all these other big city clubs when they fall into league 1, whereas we (also a big city club) get no exposure whatsoever.

Maybe it's Bristol's turn to have a club in the spotlight for a few years and perhaps we will be seen as a big club in the future?

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Only 11 Good luck messages?

Come on people

Come on City! :city:

45 games of blood, sweat, tears, fighting team-mates, injury prone players, prison sentances, late late comebacks, remarkable comebacks, a decent FA cup run, fans trying to attack players, derby defeats, emergency loans, and farcical coach trips have all come down to 90 minutes. The most 90 minutes in recent history.

Either way it goes come 5:00pm on saturday, I know that every single City fan will be proud of your efforts throughout the season. I for one will be anyway!


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