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The Most Important Day


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I honestly believe today is the most important day in deciding not just City's but Bristol's future over the next 10 years.

If we are promoted this season the timing could not be better. We have a superb manager who is in the ascendancy to the top of his profession and chairman who totally believes in him and is looking to invest significant (and sensible) capital in both the club and the ground. The wider area of Ashton and Bedminster has now become a property hotspot guaranteeing an increase catchment area for the club that could easily push gates into the 20k mark. With this amount of support Bristol will finally fall in love with one team, and as the support builds and over the coming years we start to challenge for the Premiersh1te and even Europe then Bristol will be *forced* to embrace the club, and it will bring a major positive dynamic to Bristol making it one of Britain's most desirable cities.

If we don't get promoted....well to be honest I don't want to think about it.

:fingerscrossed: :goingup: :fingerscrossed:

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