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Not All Doom And Gloom


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C'mon it's not all bad....

This is the first game Murray and co have started this season, so it's a bit unfair to expect them all to slot together perfectly, and give PV a 6-0 pasting which a lot of you clearly did.

If we beat QPR next week, we will be level on points with them. Still plenty of scope to make the autos

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Other esults wern't too bad with the two above drawing (Plymouth are up unless they suffer the loss of form we have and I can't see that happening). Swindon draw and Brigton lost didn't they.

We have been relying on others failing for weeks now, they still are the majority of the time (thank Rougier's mate) if we had a modicum of form over the last month we would have attained an additional 8 points minimum, as it is we are leaving it too late for auto imo as we are unlikely to beat 5 of the remaining seven teams to play this season.








I can't see more than 10 points there and I am assuming that we will play one heck of a lot better than we have been recently.

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Guest Champagne Football

I agree of course it's not all doom and gloom, but it would have been if Wilson had not made those 3 signings and seemingly apart from them nothing has changed at all, including his baffling tactics.

SORT IT OUT NOW WILSON or you will have the fans on your back until you are out of the job.

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By the sounds of it, PV had a very good game indeed: they defended well, they sounded organised, and were quick to break. Let's look at the table: they REALLY needed that win to stand a chance of a playoff position.

I know it's not an excuse for today, but Do you think Danny is stupid? He knows the pressure is on- his job is on the line here and I am sure he is going to be putting his all into winning as many of the next six as possible. Give the new lads time to gel, and I am sure in a game or 2's time things will be looking better.

Remember all teams go through good and bad patches. We tend to go on streaks more than other teams- we won 11 in a row, and have lost 5 of the last 7. So that's:

P W D L Pts

18 12 1 5 37

Not so bad is it?

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