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Tony Rougier


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Well no doubt that there will loads of Wilson out posts on here tonight, and possibly rightly so.

However there are three positives that have come from this game:

1. We scored again finally

2. Peacock scored again finally

3. Tony Rougier sounds as if he had a very good game. Sounds as if Ali Durdan was impressed with him as well, and that he put himself about quite a bit. Was certainly mentioned quite a bit on the radio.

Will be very interested to see what a few people that were actually there thought of him :whistle: .

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Guest Cookie Monster

Ordinary at best. Comical handball (caught it with both hands). Didn't really stand out, but was no worse than anyone else.

Murray looked as though he was trying too hard, and as for the 1st goal, someone needs to tell Carey to pay to the whistle, and not just stand there and watch, and for the second not to back off and back off until the striker has virtually walked it in.

And then there's Wilson. I've not wanted him out before, but todat took the p***. We had one left winger on the pitch, one o the bench, so we put a left back there.

We then put Butler up front, with Miller sat on the bench - Butler the all action centre forward? Ha Ha Haa. Wilson's lost it, and I also firmly believe he's lost the players. Let Taylor, Tinnion and Fawthrop take it to the end of the season, it can't be any worse can it?

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