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Wilson's Formation Today


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Hopefully Madger can supplement this posting with Wilson's formation for the second half which he drew up earlier.

formation.jpg- Here it is folks!

Anyway, we basically seemed to end up playing with no left winger (as Woodman was on in a back 5) with Murray, Tins and Doc in the centre/right of midfield.

To play a formation like that at this stage of the season when we need to be winning games is absolutely astonishing.

Really woeful decision from Wilson, along with playing Tins on the left when he knows (from this season!!) that Rougier is very handy in that position.

The players do of course deserve a mention, Wilson put a team out with enough supposed skill and determination to create a lot more than ONE lousy effort on goal.

Have these players not LEARNT from previous seasons?

Utterly baffling, and todays result is a big hammer blow despite QPR ******* up - THANK GOD Swindon didn't win either.

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Guest H Block Drum n' Bass

The players have to take stick as well, they're the ones who don't put the ball in the net and don't get the points. THEY ALL NEED TO TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK AT THEMSELVES! AND START PLAYING!

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