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Thier first goal was offside.

Its all to play for.

Lets get the games by the scruff of the neck.

We should pressure defenders more, we overplay to much.

Everyone will be fired up for saturday.

Murray worked hard.

The team is balanced ( left midfield) must keep it tight on one side.

Everyone is dropping points.

We must get points.

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"April is a massive month", well don't speak the obvious!
It is not that obvious though. Seven other months are bigger and only one is actually smaller than April. If anything April is an average month in an average division. It is the average division that we will finally be out of by May (May incidentally is a bigger month than April).


:laugh: :laugh: :D:D - Come on boys keep smiling, at least the yellow submariners did us proud. :whistle::laugh::D:laugh:

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