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What Manager Would You Like

Red Robin

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Without a shadow of a doubt, it would have to be Leroy. City is in his blood and he would know what would be expected by the fans.

I have heard some exellent reports on Torquay this season and the way they play their football.

I'm also sure a torquay fan posted on our forum the other week, saying how impressed their fans are with Leroy and how he has improved the team with the same resources as previous managers who could'nt make much of a difference.

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I'd say Leroy. He's done a great job down at Torquay on a limited budget, and would play the right sort of football.

I don't think we need a master tactician or anything, just someone who will play the best player in each position (rather than Wilson's practice of picking his 11 favourite players and then shoe-horning them into a team), and get them motivated to the point where they actually want to win.

From what I've heard, I believe that Leroy was actually the driving force in the Rosenior/Fawthrop/Burnside team, and I would not hesitate to have him back.

I wouldn't want Shaun Taylor, because from what I've seen of the reserves I'm not convinced he has what it takes. He's completely different to how he was on the pitch and rarely communicates with his team at all.


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