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did anyone hear the booing today?

i think its disgraceful, however the team are playing, booing isn't likeley to help,

fair lay to the bloke who stood up and had a go!

we are all demanding fans!

we want to see city win!

but as "supporters" surely we should not put them down by booing,

this is not what being a supporter is all about!

anyone else agree?

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Not sure why the question was asked - the city following today was excellent (bar one or two idiots).

The crowd were singing and shouting til the end, didn't hear any booing.

At one point near where I was, some loud mouth shouted out some negative comments and the rest of the crowd turned on him and started singing City Til I Die!

The Yellow Sub Crew were ace and the Yellow Marigolds were out in force! Well done guys.

So, no booing and on the basis of a better performance they shouldn't have been anyway - (now expect slating from fellow fans for being positive)!!!!!!

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Some idiots stared booing in the middle of the game , this bloke at the front turned round at had a right go at them! :whistle: Most people clapped him for telling them were to go , they said they had seen this crap every year and he replied well if u dont like it f off , a bit harsh maybe but what is the point in booing , it doesnt help the players , especially in the middle of a game.

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Some idiots stared booing in the middle of the game
I can understand if people frustrate their anger at the end of the match but not when their are goals to be scored and points to be won. During the match you have to get behind the team however bad we are.
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Guest SuttonRed

Never have booed them, never will! (I don't see how it helps)

Though I'd defend others rights to express how they feel about the performance, players, management etc. Booing must be preffereable to hurling vile personal abuse!

Someone on the forum mentioned this before but if you really want to make a point to the players, especially at half/full time silence is a far more powerful tool.

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Just to correct, the booing was about 5 minutes after we went 2 down from a young kiddy who was just purely frustrated after another pass went astray.

The reaction of the bloke in turning round and telling him to f off was the disgrace as he was nothing short of a bully.

I don't like booing and would never do it, however, like I said it was a reaction to some very inept, negative play at a time we needed to attack, attack, attack.

BTW, the person that had a go is also a complete hypocrite in my eyes.

Last week in the Dolman, a short bloke with glasses shouted something like "Wilson you are a disgrace" when Wilkshire was substituted.

A couple of blokes a few rows in front told him to f off, support the team etc. etc.

The "bully" then stood up backing up the man with glasses saying that he had paid his money and can say what he likes.

So you can say anything negative you want, but booing is unacceptable? In my eyes, he is nothing more than a punchy gimp who wants to fight the world, be they blokes or as today; teenagers!

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