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Another Disaster


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sorry danny your fault today not the officials, got to be the worst subs ever,o.k we were poor but we were starting to make them look poor aswell,.

i thought wilkshire looked good today, we were chatting at h/t about who had played well, rougier and wilks were the two names that came out and then he took em both of, amazing, i told one bloke who had gone for a p*ss that they been taken of and he thought i was taking the mick.

i thought carey was utter cr*p, he could of made a challenge for the first but decided to put is hand up for offside.

the secound, he allowed brooker to get is shot of in the hope that phillips would save it.

hes cost us today, he was awfull at stockport and he needs to be dropped.

as for murrey, well pretty typical murrey away performance realy, yeah cr*p, in is defence, the kid at left back was a decent player.

the other bad move was tinnion on the left, it seems everyone knows he cant play there now apart from wilson, if hes worried about goodfellows defending then why not give bell a runout.

todays pluses.

rougier looked good, tricky and held the ball up well and found a red shirt when required.

wilkshire played well and should be given the slot against qpr, if he dont perform then bring tinnion on,

i also think that vale are a decent team and get foreward quick, they do get goals from 4 or 5 players regular and were first to most balls today.

i also thought city were starting to show some devilment going foreward today, they done more in the last 20 mins today than the whole of the tranmere game so that might be the first signes of sorting this cr*p out.

saturday is our last chance to get to get an automatic spot, if we lose then we might sneak a play-off place, i think in most of these must win games they generaly let us down, i hope for wilsons sake we dont

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Yep agree with that, although today i couldn't get the money to go so i was spared, but it did sound as if Wilks and Rougier were two of our brighter players.

Saturday is it, the culmination of nigh on 4 years of Willsons management i think comes down to 90 minuites of football. you can guarentee QPR will be up for it, but with their poor away form we can beat them. Hill, Coles, Murray, Rougier, Tinman, Doc will be up for that game as it's against holloway, all Willson has to do is motivate the other 5 players in the side and 10 in the squad and we will beat QPR, if we lay with heart, the ability of our better players will come through.

If willson can't motivate only half a team, that will be partially motivated by the others then he really does have to go.

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