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Yesterday Wan't That Bad!


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Apart from gifting Vale 2 goals, the 1st maybe should have been ruled out, I thought we looked a better team going forward, If our forwards had anticipated some of the good balls into the box we may have had a couple of goals yesterday.

Defensively we looked shaky, Hill needs to play alongside Coles and Woody in at left back, Butler just isn't the same player anymore, he looks like he scared to put his foot through the ball and clear his lines, same as Coles, Hill didn't get forward at all but I don't blame him for that as it obviously isn't natural for him to do so, he's naturally a defence minded player. Carey looke more assured seeing Murray back and linked up better, at fault for their second goal for not going to the man quick enough to get a tackle in.

Tinman isn't a left winger we all know that (don't we?) it's either him or Wilkshire in the middle, can't play both, the Doc was huffing and puffing but needs someone else around him to show the same commitment, Wilkshire taken off??, Um, well, ok. Murray was not at the races at all, tried too hard to make things happen and got nearly everything wrong, Scott we know you are back, relax man, chill out and just play your game.

Now I was very impressed by Rougier and Peacock yesterday, and me being a Peacock disliker I have to bite my tongue when typing this :whistle: , chased all day and Peacock deserved his goal at the end, the only disappointment was not getting on the end of balls into the box, Miller may have done so but that's impossible to say, Roberts played ok and may be the one to benefit when Murray plays better.

We continue to miss Aaron Brown on the left, he's not eveyones cup of tea but he helps out defensively and produces some great balls into the box, so hopefully Goodfellow can come in for QPR.

All in all, collectively a team peformance that I didn't think was too bad, we looked at times very much in the match, and at 0-0 there was always the chance of us getting stronger towards the end and nicking one, we didn't look to the long ball as our only hope of getting it forward, made good use of the right wing at times but didn't have anything on our left of note, but the offside/onside goal knocked the stuffing out of us.

I live in hope.

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think that is the fairest and most objective assessment I have read from yesterdays game.

Thought Peacock was possibly our man of the match - he was everywhere.

Murray definitely trying too hard and getting more and more frustrated as time went on.

Left side is really what needs sorting now - Goodfellow or Bell have to be the sensible option (Tinnion drifts in too much).

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