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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


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Having slept on my thoughts re the Vale game - a few observations which apply to most of the team:-

Our team is a yard off the pace at least (and have been for a while).

Our team spend too much time appealing for decisions instead of "playing to the whistle" (aka first goal yesterday).

Our team just do not "gamble" or take a chance - our reactions are slow and predictable.

These three significant factors should be addressed by the Manager and the Coaching Staff.

Where I was sat yesterday everyone (and I mean everyone) said at the start "we need Tinnion in the middle". When this happened (and then from the start of the second half - virtually everyone was shouting for Miller to come on (even me and I am not the biggest Miller fan) - two simple tactical decisons that the entire crowd could see apart from Danny (we start with a lack of pace on the left, Vale double up on Murray - result a pretty dire first half)

And then a few signs of our suberb Fans arguing amongst themselves - not good but caused because we know we should be doing better. The time to strengthen was after Grimsby. We could still do it, even via playoffs but if we do then the first 3 points in this post need to addressed RIGHT NOW - get your finger out Danny!

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