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Soccer Sunday

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I know it was not pretty viewing today,but for those who did not watch the midday start of Soccer Sunday.

Next week its on at 1030am Sunday morning, lets hope its better viewing next sunday.

Its on earlier due the the Formula1 racing

This is a ITV decision to have it on earlier not a ITV West decision.

As all other regions have the same kick off times of 1030AM

Maybe all the complaing I have been doing at the Annual General meetings.

Over the last few years is now starting to pay dividends

I'll be at that ITV general meeting come April 19th maybe the only football fan who will be there, as all the others want to ask about money

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Mmmm, I cant complain about the move next sunday (i'm a big motor sport fan), but why dont they just show it 10:30am every week. They know it's going to clash with the F1 everyother week anyway.

edit - ITV's contract with Bernie states that they'll show all races LIVE and if its a early morning they show a full re-run at the normal "european" race time...

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