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...Well on the Radio Press Conference he had yesterday, he was mainly stating about he wasn't getting the chances that he needed, to score goals to add to his tally.

I'm not really sure what to make of this, as from my perspective, I've noticed that he hasn't had as many, put it that way, especially the Oldham game bar the one quick half a chance volley he put over the bar from close range.

I wouldn't put it all down to him, but still think that some of the chances he had yesterday he could have made a better effort of and perhaps scored one of his 2 strikes he hit over the bar to give us a half time lead.

I still think it was an improvement over the Oldham game though even if Lee hadn't scored that last minute goal.

Better flow in general, but Vale did look like an impressive side on the day anyway so it was always going to be a hard match to grind up and fork out the result we wanted.

I'm currently semi-confident that City can get a up much needed result against QPR next week and I'm really hoping that we do, as the next 3/4 really need to be 'must win' games.

The balance looked ok yesterday overall, but yes quite a few areas of the field did look a bit sloppy to me at times, though I think it's best not to point at where.

It must be down to Morale for most of the players not performing as their usual selves is all I can think it comes down to, so for this one I think Wilson could put a bit more effort into motivating his players for the upcoming matches to really show off what they can do and also 'what we all know they can do' on their day.

Although it still looks tight in my view for the match against our next opponents QPR, I would like to hope for a 1-0 with a first half goal, but failing that, make sure we can clinch it early into the 2nd half and possibly try to build on from there.



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