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Time To Consolidate, Not Have More Change

Guest wishbone

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Guest wishbone

You have to take the good with the bad - Danny orchestrated the run of wins so he can't be totally useless, can he? :D

We're all disappointed, frustrated. upset. desperate........you name it!

However, slagging off the manager/individual players won't get anybody anywhere except at each other's throats.

We've seen a bit of that on the pirch these last 2 games & it's not pretty to watch.

We have to be solid in our support now & managers & players have to take the glory or flack in May, so let's hang in there & keep singing. :whistle:

That's the trouble with passion, it puts you on cloud 9 or kicks you in the guts.

Remember. City 'til I die (and aLL THAT COMES WITH IT)

Hang in there


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