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Big Games Coming Up!


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just woundering if we could do something special in the eastend for the qpr and plymouth game any suggestions?not sure about the yellow glove thing if we did every1 would have to have 1!i was also thinkin about a big flag does any1 remember the big city flag we had when it got put up in the ayteo stand whos was it was it the clubs if so do u think we could get that?

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I think it should be Red & White night at least.
Red and White night against Plymouth would be good.... Although just drinking some lemsip before the game to warm your voices up would be just as beneficial.

We need as much noise as we can to come from the City end of the Wedlcocks. Qpr and 'muff will be most intimidating on and off the pitch.

Sing your hearts out for the lads!!!!

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