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Right, just for advanced warning, there are NO direct trains to Swindon from Bristol Parkway (and return) on Saturday 10th April.

This is due to maintance work between Bristol Parkway and Swindon. Trains WILL be running from Temple Meads to Swindon at normal times.

Also anyone going to travel from Parkway to Temple Meads by train to pick up the Swindon service beware its buses or 1 train an hour via Avonmouth (journey time = 1 hour approx), due to maintaince work at Filton closing the line all weekend...

So anyone travelin by Train, head straight for Temple Meads :dunno:

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You're kidding??

It doesn't say anything about this on thetrainline.com , says there are plenty of 55 minute DIRECT services available both in the morning and evening.

I'm looking to book tickets today, so please say its not true! Temple Meads is a trek.

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