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Liam Rosenior

Guest Cyprus_Red

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we are in talks about a deal, we haven't arrived at one yet

That's right, we're just in talks.

If you were Fulham and BCFC had just lost an appeal saying they hold Rosenior's contract, how much would you offer us?

This sounds like a bit of news filler for the web site. Plus it stops us talking about Wilson, ###### results etc.

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Guest Lockerman

We will probably get something lie a 50k payment with a 25% sell on clause, that I would guess is better than what we are likely to get if it goes to the tribunal appeal. :blink:

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I would want a Million for 1 first team appearnce for Fulham, however, that ain't ever going to happen.

So, I would settle for £20,000 for every good 30 minutes he played for our first team.

£17,000 it is then :blink:

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