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rang up the club ticket line to day to get some tickets for swindow but was told that due to me being 16 I cannot travel on their coach without someone olver the age of 18. So basically I can't come to the game becuase of that. Now is it just me or is that age discrimination. I can get a train a bus into bristol but a organsied trip to Swindon now thats not allowed. Anyone know why, is it cause the club think I'm not responsible enough to travel on a coach and get on and off it. Or is it because they think I'm going to cause trouble??????????????

any idea people? :dunno:

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City Junior Strikers, its a coach that goes to nearly every away game where you dont have to be accompanied by an adult, if you go into the bar underneath the dolman on saturday before the game there is half of the bar taken up by a 'inflatable football pitch'.

Ask someone in their for Kate and she ask her about it, its 9 times out of 10 booked up but she will put your nameon the waiting list so if someone doesnt go you can.

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