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The Promotion Calculator - All The Fixtures


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All the fixtures for each of the top 12 sides in Division 2, all the earlier season scores against all their remaining opponents.

Predictions for each and every game for the top 12 provided by 7 fans of the top 12 (the ones that bothered), final table prediction based on these predictions and previous results against remaining opponents.

This will be updated each and every time one or more of the top 12 play a fixture, starting with tonight's Port Vale v Swindon game.

LINK: http://www.bristolcitynet.co.uk

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What a load if rubbish, I can really see you picking up another 14 points this season. :laugh:
I was as astounded as you, I wasn't able to predict the City results, but had a hand in Swindon's dismal run-in predictions!!

Seriously that was the average of the responses received. Then would you have bet we would win 11 on the trot or that you want undefeated for so long or that we would pick up 4 lousy points from 7 games against teams predominately at the foot of the table?

We'll see soon enough.

PS Why don't you work one out and I'll post it and see how you fair!

PPS Any City fans wanting to get something off their chest and on the front page of the bristolcitynetcentre just PM me.

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