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Qpr Their Run & Injuries

Bristol Boy

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QPR have 8 games left with FIVE of those away.

Those games include City, Plymouth, Tranmere & Sheff Weds (last game)

They play Tranmere next Tuesday.Their game in hand.

Bircham, Rose, Culkin, Shittu & Padula are all out.

Bignose, Thorp & Curo all set to play.

What's happening about Forbes? Anyone know if he's been bailed to play, still being held at "Her Majesty's Pleasure" or been bailed but suspended by his club?

As I understand it, their usual line of defence would be Day in goal with a back four of Forbes, Carlisle, Shittu and Padula.

3 of those are definitely out and doubts remain about Forbes. Time to lay into them methinks. ATTACK ATTCK ATTACK!!!

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Any truth in the rumour that Bater, Ian Alexander and Penrice have signed non-contract forms for QPR and are on standby?

With Cureton and Thorpe plus Hollowhead perhaps making a surprise playing comeback that would mean most of our all time hate figures on the pitch at once.

As for their injuries, they've still got Carlisle, Bignot & Gnorere in defence (the last 2 brought in as replacements for some of those your list) and hasn't Ainsworth just made a comeback?

Agree with Madger though, ATTACK furiously from the first whistle, and i wouldn't want to be the first QPR player who chops Murray down. :laugh:

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Guest qprjack

Our team for saturday is most likely to be :










Any of our 4 strikers.

Bircham (Suspended anyway), Rose, Culkin, Shittu & Padula are all out.

Forbes has been released on bail and is free to play, but i doubt he'll feature.

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our last few games the teams we have played were

all hit with Injuries sheffield, wycombe, tranmere and port vale

and we fail to beat any of them, sheffield by their own admission

had the biggest patched up side they fielded in years and we still

couldn't score :laugh: i really don't think q.p.r will be to worried at this

very moment :dunno:

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Guest qprjack

Ainsworth has played 90 minutes for the last two reserve games, and was on the bench against luton, but didn't play. I think with bircham suspended, he may start, but it is likely he will be on the bench.

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