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Qpr/plymouth Fans


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What part of SOLD OUT do you not understand, how can Bristol City let any more away fans in than there are seats available.

We have given out the same amount of tickets that every club gets that visit Ashton gate, QPR in recent years haven't brough any more than 1500 maximum so why get on there high horse now, fickle ######s or what?

I have sympathy with Plymouth fans not getting a few more as they have a great away following wherever they go, but Bristol City fans get thought of first everytime at home, if we can sell the tickets to home fans first then surely that's what matters most.

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Green genie, I am not having a dig at Plymouth as they would sell the 5000 tickets for the away end given the chance to do so because you are top of the league and certs for promotion, QPR on the other hand have not brought 2000 to Ashton gate once, so why they are crying about it now, they have more than 2000 tickets this time as they have done so every season they have played here, in fact they had the whole of the east end last season if they wanted it, but they couldn't muster more than 1700. aaaarghhhhhhh!

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