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Doug Tombes (Midfield): His dead-pan expression and the grave nature

of his character do nothing to hide the fact that this player does a

lot of spade work all around the pitch, but if a half chance is

offered he will bury it.

(Occupation - Grave Digger)

Maurice & Austin Leyland (Midfield): At one time it was hoped that at

least one or other of these twins would become a midfield maestro, but

too often they proved difficult to get going and regularly broke down

after the shortest run out. Too heavy and slow to compete with the

performances of imported foreigners. Between them they nearly

bankrupted the previous German owners of the club.

(Occupation - Motor Mechanics)

Ben Dover (Very Forward): It's a man's game and that's how Ben likes

it played - straight up the middle! Always looking for the ball, his

plaintive cry of `I'm free!' in the box will bring back happy memories

for all who've heard it. Rightly famed for his tackle, especially from

behind, and has earned him the nickname of `The Mincer'.

(Occupation - Construction Worker...Cowboy...Motorcycle Cop...)

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