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Q.p.r. V City..

old spot

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...cureton thorpe bignose etc, and the league position, does this fixture really compare with the sags (ok it's been a while) and baaadifff?

Even with our recent form? this is important league wise so does rank as a big game, BUT no matter how much the keyboard warriors p1$$ you orf does this come anywhere near the sag derbies followed by the battles against that tribe from across the BRISTOL channel.

swans muff and swindle all think they figure but to me NOTHING comes close to the despicable two, with the sad sags leading(for once)the woooly ones by a mile!

shotoway and :) jamie does seem to make it personal and d***** tomorrow would kill, especialy if the poison dwarf try's to dance on the hallowed turf like last year, but it wouldn't come close to the pain of the sags singing that furkin irene song in jubilation. :@

The good thing is i know the young 'uns don't know the feeling and hopefully never will, but come on q.p.r. pahhhh! :dunno: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave:

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This doesn't compare to a 'proper' derby. People have been asking whether we are nervous/excited about this game. There is no comparison with this game and a game against Rovers.

Maybe some of the fans out there haven't experienced a proper 'big game' (Ie Rovers/Cardiff when it really matters). That's where you can't sleep for days, and get the p*ss ripped out of you everyday by g*shead workmates.

Holloway is a minor distraction I agree, but at the end of the day it's a London team, not Rovers. No comparison in my books.

I'm not worried/nor do I feel sick etc. If it were Rovers there would be an atmosphere over the whole city, and there isn't. The only people making this game out to be bigger than it is is Hollowhead and the QPR fans.

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