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Don't Think Much Of The New Scoreboard


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Cheap new scoreboard + hard-to-understand compere = not good :dunno:

Silly LCD-effect thing meant we had to rely on the compere for everything- half-time scores (many of which I couldn't make out), substitutions etc. And there couldn't have been any birthdays / special announcements either :)

nice to get some new sponsors up, but I hope it's only a temporary measure until we can get a better one (or our regular announcer again)

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If you read the official site you'll see its a temp board while the other ones fixed

Would you like nothing, or at least something?

Personally that stopwatched was bloody useful today!!! It does the same job, nuff said!

eek! play nice! I didn't notice any announcement :):dunno:
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I don't care what the scoreboard's like, as long as it says BCFC1, visitors0 for the rest of the season i'll be happy.

Mind you it would be interesting to see if it goes into double figures, especially Tuesday week. :P

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