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The Wurzles

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The last time the Wurzels played under the Dolman before a game was on Dec.20th, before the Stockport game.

City won 1-0, to start our winning run.

The Wurzels always provide a boost down the Gate........ despite what some Wurzel knockers on here would have you believe. :dunno:

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Whatever was going on with the fade in and fade out while they were on the pitch really didn't work very well from the Williams (towards the Wedlock end).

It was all a bit of a shambles from my position, how was it in the rest of the ground?

I'd have thought there would be a bit more going on what with it being a big game......... Will there be any parachutes today my nipper asked :dunno:

Or the classic TA (?) attack formation when all the cover fell down and exposed the troops..... who remembers that...... sorry going off the point a bit :)

Was it a recrutment drive..... some off you will know what I'm on about.

I hope :D

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One other point of note........

Anybody who wants to get the 'Cutler Of The West' cd featuring the legendary 1968 live recordings by Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

Recorded at the Webbington Country Club Somerset

(inc. Drink Up Thy Zider)

Need only goto:- www.MagpieDirect.com

CD: 5848072 £6.99

Mind you truth be told ....... the site has some other music gems :D

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