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Could Tommy Ever Play In The Prem

Guest Shaunyb

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As I just told you 10 Mins ago, YES.

Just needs better fitness and I could see him at a Villa/Soton type club within a couple of years if he carries on playing how he is. He's been my man of the match virtually every game since Jan!!

Luke W played well in the Prem so no reason why he cant do the biz in Div One, Matt Hill I reckon with improved distribution could maybe play there one day. Last season I thought Danny Coles would one day but if he plays how he has since Xmas, he's struggle in Div One.

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tommy could he is head and shoulders above any midfielder i have seen in this division..

He looks composed on the ball, puts himself about and has the skill to go round a man...

Hold on what am i doing??!

Nah hes crap, you dont wanna buy him, he will never make it above this level, hes lucky to get a game...


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Guest Red_Rat

I think Tommy could,just because he had that fighting spirit.

Maybe Matt Hill

I think Coles'y makes a few too many errors.

Maybe Lita in 5 years of so.

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