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As you people may or may not know. There is a friendly football match between the "Official Forum Team" Vs "The rest of the forum". As far as i know it is being staged at clevedons hand stadium. (Next to it anywayz) For anyone who doesn't know how to get there (me included) I understand there is a meet up at 9.30 - 10.00am at the rear of the city ground (Winterstoke Rd) Outside KFC. I think the Official forum team are more or less sorted for players but, the rest of the forum i'm not sure? so can people who want to play for the rest of the forum or who is please Reply to this thread with a yay or nay. People who have transport problems i can drive up to 3 people from AG and back. The pitch is hired so bring some money i think a couple of quid is sufficient and maybe a few quid more for some bevvy's afterwards!!! :Party12: Can mr Arse or a forum team member confirm the meet up and money details please???

Also What colour are the rest of the forum wearing???

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