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My Mrs. spotted this in a copy of Elle magazine and lovingly brought it to my attention.

Whilst being asked how Kylie spent her time in hotel rooms, she responded

"I do like a good dust or a clean. I'll get my marigolds on and have a fantastic frenzy"

There you have it, Kylie is an Honourary Submariner.

A glowing endorsement from the Princess of Pop.

:Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave:

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just sent kylie an e-mail and invited her along on the subs next voyage, in her reply she found it difficult to contain her excitement. she said she looks forward to spending the journey at the back with oldspot who will bring along some of his magic hairgel. she says the thought of meeting millman and his performing snake sends a shiver down her spine, well kylie seats go very quickly on the sub but i think we can squeeze you in.

yours accomodating midland red.

:D :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave: :Wave:

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