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It's All In The Mind

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With fluctuating fortunes in recent weeks and all of the top 6 capable of beating each other on their day, I've begun to realise that what happens between now and the end of the season will have much to do with the 'inner psyche' of players, both individually and collectively as teams.

However much players and management outwardly come up with stuff like "We won't underestimate them", "We haven't won anything yet", etc. I think that subconciously after an 11 game winning run it's almost impossible to avoid complacency when you travel to somewhere like Stockport (no disrespect intended to SCFC). And quotes like "We could go unbeaten for the rest of the season" are almost inevitably going to be counter-productive.

Now it's quite possible that the psychological tables have turned (but could easily turn again). Swindon were on a similar winning run to our own and seem to have come unstuck as we did. Our tails are back up, theirs are still down and this could point to a result for us at the County Ground.

Plymouth will be talking about not taking anything for granted, but surely deep down, their players will feel they have the title sewn up. Good news for us then.

We know our squad is good enough, especially with the right players in the right positions(!) but there's a fine line between 'confident' and complacent'. So now's the time more than ever for Mr Brian Jones to really earn his wages. Get the right mindset and we WILL go up!

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