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Who Goes With Who?!


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just being nosey here, but we have the submarine crew, but who does everyone else go to City matches with home and away??

Family or friends? or on there own?! just trying to pair or group forumites!

Me personally, none of my friends or most of my family support the mighty City - but my dad made the right choice when he was about 7 and made sure i followed!

So i go to most of my matches with him, hes happy as long as i buy him a pasty!

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I go to every home game with "Dolman Moaner", his Brother-In-Law and my daughter.

We go away a few times a season; same 4. Sometimes my boss from work who sits wih his son at home games tags along like he is Saturday.

At present he is refusing to wear his marigold. Boss or not he is 'kin wearing it!

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Guest Cyprus_Red

i go with both friends and family to most games.

my dads always been a red but works on saturday so my bro takes me but when my dads off i'll be with him.

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Guest Rikku

I have a season ticket with my boyfriend and he's come with me to the last few away games, although i took my brother to tranmere and he's joining us for swindon. Neither of them use the forum though, but i often meet up with superbob and straightthrough118 for a beer before the game and joined them in the EE for the rushden game. (and, yes, straightthrough, it's em - in case you haven't figured it out yet!) :Wave:

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I started going when all my school friends used to go, back in the good old days of the proper First Division (1976/77). We all stood together and used to meet up on the terracing every week.

Then I watched us descend from the First to the Fourth and hardly missed a game, my friends started to miss more and more. I left school and saw less and less of my friends, although I used to get the occasional suprise and bump into one or two of them at Reading or Bolton etc.

Then I introduced my sister to City in a pre-season friendly against Liverpool, and we started going to games together. She is more of a fan than I am now, going everywhere with City including Piza and also playing for the Womens team for a while (back in the days when they were being beaten 20-odd nil and I used to run the line for them).

I started to go to games alone when all-seater stadia, and all-ticket matches, arrived and some of the magic was lost. But now I go with an internet crew I have met, they are the nicest bunchof City fans you could meet and the magic is back.

Now all I need is First Division football again.


(nostalgic on cider)

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