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City V Qpr..last Sesons Team!

Bristol Boy

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No lack of effort and that makes recent performances all the more annoying in my book.

I'm on holiday, so apologies for the late posting.

Phillips 7/10 Cracking late save from TT, made up for some strange "punching decisions" when balls were far easier to catch.

Carey 6/10 Better than Vale, thank God and gave some decent support to CR & SM.

Hill 6/10 Same as ever really, decent in defence but offers little or nothing going forward.

Coles 6/10 Not at his best but whole hearted performance

Butler 6/10 Almost a 7 apart from the distribution which again put us under pressure and still gave awy to many free kicks.

Murray 7/10 Vast improvement on Vale and looked a threat.Set up CR's goal.Still doesn't look as quick as last season.

Tinnion 6/10 Steady performance but still looks like he's fading a bit and the passings not quite there.

Doherty 6/10 Almost cost us the game with one or two tired sloppy passes.In the last 20 minutes he shoud have been subbed as he was knackered.Up to then he was OK but the improvement and Wrexham like performances seem to have deserted him, along with his fitness.

Bell 6/10 If I was SL I'd be having a word with DW about spending £100k on Goodfellow and then playing MB as a wide left player and not putting him on the bench.Tucked in mostly and helped Hill out but, apart from balance, I don't think he offered much going forward.

Peacock 6/10 Worked his socks off and set up CR's header that the keeper saved well with a good knock back from MH's cross.Didn't look like scoring so typical LP.

Roberts 7/10 Never thought I'd say this to often but the Welsh Wizard did well.Ran the channels and took his goal well.Pace in the channels and getting turned roun and running at QPR made the difference.

Wilkshire 6/10 One excellent through ball to Murray showed us the future.

Miller 6/10 Hard working didn't look like scoring.

We deserved our win and created more chances.Roberts and Murray linked up to provide threat with their pace.

We still gave the ball away to much and put ourselves under pressure.Clean sheet was a massive benefit but any side that scores one against has to fancy the draw and any side that scores two will probably win-That could be an issue as we face some of the Divisions liveliest attacks, with Knight & Iwulemo looking good for Brighton.

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Generally agree there but I thoguht Carey didn't put a foot wrong and to me was MoM. Did you see the one where he slipped as last man and that QPR player was ready to run in on goal and Carey, somehow, on all fours and the ball under his forehead, managed to tackle him and come away with it?

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