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Silly Idea


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Too be honest, thats one fo the better suggestions on there, i have seen some like Put Bike racks outside Ashton Gate or We ought to Buy so and so, or Do you think Wilson is a such and such.
Dont think there is anything wrong with the bike racks LFC!

But the buy him hes on a free posts and Danny is a ###### posts are embarassing...!!

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Guest Champagne Football

Yeah what's wrong with bike racks?

But I think the point he is getting to is how the hell will the club sort out a singing area in the Millenium Stadium? They get given a bunch of tickets and must hand them out in order. How can the club tell who is a singer and a 'part timer.' Let alone have the right to reserve tickets when they are instructed what to do by the Millenium Stadium staff and event organisers.

If you ask me it does seem like a pretty stupid question.

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Admitaddly I hadn't thought of the time implications before hand, however, time permitting, I don't see why this isn't feasible?

You simply leave a block free and allow those that want to buy tickets in that block to do just that. If the club weren't selling tickets through a third party, and had time, as they did for the LDV Final, this is a more than reasonable proposal.

Funny all the same though. Considering your posts often leave a bit to be desired. Thanks for taking the time to read it though. Your input is appreciated as ever.

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Talking about silly questions. The latest being:

Are supporters allowed to go to tomorrows reserve game?


Well I am so sorry I have never been to a reserve match that kicks off in the day. And plus it does not say in the report on the main site that supporters are aloud to go to a game.

So I think it is not a silly question

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Too be honest, thats one fo the better suggestions on there, i have seen some like Put Bike racks outside Ashton Gate
oi! that was my one. :@ And they were put in and are used. No not so stupid me think! :P

The stupid ones are the ones that you can get the answer just by calling the club number.

As for Godzilla's idea- it could be done. The club have to prepare for things like this in advance anyway- just incase. We as fans are worried about the next couple of games- the players should only worry about the next ONE. But the club will prepare well in advance for all possibilities.

There is no reason that I can see, why they can't have one section or one price band that they say is the "singers area". But that depends on whether the Mill Stad would be stupidly late in getting ticket detials to the clubs again.

Anyway- lets just hope we dont need to go there!

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I don't think this is a stupid question.

I have thought on a couple of occasions how we can ensure that the embarrasing atmosphere of the Millennium can be avoided.

My end solution is probably more ridiculous. That involved arranging (through the forum) a massive meet in Ashton Park about 4 in the morning on the day tickets go on sell.

Beforehand, we would have arranged a gate with the club where they would have an entire block of a few hundred tickets and we would simply wait there until opening time.

Be a good crack and well worth it when this block gets 40,000 odd City fans singing in unison as opposed to the stuttered mess of our previous visit.

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What a stupid Idea..................


I'm surpised SteveL and ColinS continue answering questions when they get stupid questions like this one!

a bike rack is a good idea ONLY if we have holloway, thorpe

and cureton do do the job just think where you would park

your bike with them 3 as a rack :P

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Where would you have it though? some people would want to pay different prices to other but still want to be in the singing area. Would it not just be possible to make a block on all 3 tiers the singing section and the club just hold back the tickets for those blocks until people request them. Can't see why the club can't do it. So for the FA Cp Final next year we will see if it can be imposed

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