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Squad Numbers

Br 1st ol

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A lot of our squad have been here a fair while.

I thought when Danny came into the 1st team squad, most "normal" numbers were already taken.

As for Scotty getting 7 back? :cool:

All I know is a more famous player who is no. 23 didn't get his 7 back as the holder refused to relinquish it. So I guess it's down to the club and players to resolve themselves. In Raul's case, I think no. 7 is contractual as well!

Put it this way, Leapy only became our true no. 9 when it became available after Beadle's departure so player power must come in to these things (as if it didn't Leapy would of had the shirt 2/3 seasons ago, I would have thought?)

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Also, will Scott get no. 7 back next year?
If you read the interview, Scott told The Incider he wasn't fussed about getting the No 7 shirt back and declined to arm wrestle the current owner for possession, even though we offered to referee.
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