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Junior Onono


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unfortunatly half the rovers team frequent the gym i use,on many a night you see them up there prancing around like muppets.

last night was no exception with junior onono and ijah anderson,and some other no hoper,acting like complete tits as usual.

the difference last night though was onono's feeble attempt at chatting up this stunning bird,who was wearing a pair of pink hotpants and a tight little white top........mmmmmmm............. :laugh:

he tried in vain but the lad didnt get so mutch the cold shoulder,it was bleedin sub-zero!!!!!

looking somewhat smug my mate walked past the goal-shy striker and goes to him,

"come on junior,its not exactly the first time uve failed to score this season"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the look on his face was a picture,and me and my mate spent the next hour in fits of laughter!!!!

after having a crap day,you can always rely on a gashead to bring a smile to your face!!!!!!!! :cool::city:

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HAHA!!! That reminds me of a mate who was a traffic copper and pulled over Ray Graydoom when he was still the manager and did him for speeding.

He made a sarcastic remark to Grayden about how he should be grateful for getting 3 points!! Didnt go down too well though.... but still made me laugh when he told me!!! :cool:

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