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Man U, Arse, Chelsea Fans Unite Behind Englandl

Br 1st ol

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have no problem with exeter and torquay, but swindon? your having a laugh int you? and plymouth, surely thats obvious! NO! also, i can't stand yeovil, and I'm sure all the hype will disappear again soon, and i can't wait, give it another season, when there still lingerin in div 3, and all the people that jumped on the band-waggon, will soon jump off it again.

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I'd like to see Cheltenham and Forest Green do well. Swindon? No chance, the further they go down the better.

I'm still bitter about when they were in the Prem with sellout crowds and ours were down to 6-7000. Is this down to glory hunters or Osman's tactics?

I don't mind Torquay as I think Helen Chamberlain is perfect wife material, but Plymuff are doing my head in. Even in Rutland, their fans are appearing from nowhere and are starting to gloat.

I could go on for ages but I'll stop befoe you all go to sleep :Sleep12:

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Guest Were_The_Townend

Id love to see all the teams playing in the Premiership which could happen within the next 5 years... :Sleep12:

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Yeovil yes...Our new rivals in the future

Exeter, er well no danger there is there?

Torquay ditto. Helen Chamberlain, hmmmmmmmmmm

Cheltenham, hope so. Wardy nice bloke, not such a good manager.

Swinedead, no chance!! Sad town, sad fans, sad team...its the roundabouts you know, and you do meet the NICEST people making ###### Hondas

PlyMOUTH, no!! Still to this day one of the few league clubs I never met a supporter from, like Colchester, Rochdale, Warsaw, Orient.

Gas, er well..............................Osman, naaaah dont think so

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